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Three Companies Announce Strategic Alliance

Dan Isard Dan Isard

The Foresight Companies, LLC and The Roosevelt Investment Group, Inc. are aligning with Golden Considerations, Inc.

Phoenix, AZ; New York, NY and Harrisburg, PA— September 12 — Dan Isard, Managing Partner of The Foresight Companies and Adam Sheer, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Roosevelt Investments, announce their Foresight Roosevelt Wealth Management collaboration is aligning with Golden Considerations, Inc. “Adam, Bob and I understand that first and foremost we are in the relationship business. Throughout our individual careers we have created beneficial relationships with thousands of funeral homes and cemeteries. Now, we are providing a collaborative benefit to those clients with our new relationship,” Isard stated. “We are rolling out a specialized support system to allow our clients to take advantage of a proactive plan that offers a holistic preneed and trust plan coupled with long-term financial management and finance tools. The power of our alignment has not existed for the service of business owners in our professions,” Dan explained.

Bob Rae is the founder of Golden Considerations. They are the premier funeral insurance and trust organization with more than 1,100 clients in North America. “I have a long-standing relationship with the people at Roosevelt. Now that they are working with Foresight, I can offer a higher level of long-term planning to my clients and expand the consulting services our regional directors,” Rae stated. “We will help Foresight and Roosevelt bring positive changes to our clients in their education and implementation services as well as offer products that can help our clients be more profitable. At the same time, we are happy to gain the favorable introduction to the vast client base of Roosevelt and Foresight. This is the ultimate win-win-win situation,” Bob added. Adam Sheer, the Co-CEO of Roosevelt, mirrors the excitement of what we believe is a mutually beneficial relationship. “The ability to bring comprehensive wealth management with our combined knowledge of the profession to Golden Considerations’ client base is an important opportunity to help business owners prepare for financial independence,” Adam stated.

Over the next few weeks the three companies will provide more information about this offering. Doug Gober, a partner at Foresight stated, “Every funeral home in America is struggling to find the right line to operate in the changing business model of today. Making the right decisions to employ a preneed marketing plan is critical to maximizing market share. Making good decisions to enhance the profit of the business is imperative. With the work of Foresight in operations and transactions and the professional investment work of Roosevelt, we can help clients today and for the future!”

The Foresight Companies and The Roosevelt Investment Group, Inc. are two separate companies which share a marketing identity as Foresight Roosevelt Wealth Management. The Roosevelt Investment Group, Inc. is a privately held, unaffiliated boutique advisory firm located in midtown Manhattan. Roosevelt offers a range of proprietary equity, fixed income, and balanced investment strategies to a wide spectrum of prominent families, high net worth individuals, various institutional clients, and funeral and cemetery professionals and their businesses.  Golden Considerations trust and insurance portfolio is the most comprehensive in the industry including partners of Homesteaders, NGL, Global Atlantic, Great Western, Atlantic Coast, Pekin, and LCBA. Golden Considerations is privately-owned by a funeral director.

For more information, press only: Nina Renee The Foresight Companies, LLC 602-274-6464 For more information on these companies:

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