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The Foresight Companies Welcomes Chris Cruger as Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Harbeson Jeff Harbeson

Daniel Isard, Managing Partner of The Foresight Companies, one of the foremost consulting companies serving the funeral and cemetery professions, announced today that Chris Cruger is joining the company as our new Chief Operating Officer. “Our company has seen a great deal of growth and recognition over the past decade. We need a strong capable leader to help up grow from an entrepreneurial enterprise to a long-term sustainable company. To that end we have hired Chris Cruger to join us”, Isard stated. “Chris knows our profession and the needs of our clients. He has a long tenure operating, acquiring and divesting funeral and cemetery businesses. He also understanding the delicate balance of running a business as he has been an entrepreneur himself”.
Chris Cruger is an experienced business leader with a history of strong analytics in the areas of operations, business management, acquisitions, divestures and finance. He spent almost a decade working for SCI as a Vice President of Business Development, responsible for Corporate Development, Real Estate, Construction and Affiliate relationships. Chris spent many years facilitating the analysis, acquisition and divestiture of funeral homes and cemeteries for SCI in North America and internationally. “I am humbled to have the opportunity to work with Dan, Doug and some of the most talented people in the industry”, said Chris Cruger. “Foresight’s explosive growth speaks volumes about the critical needs of our industry in these ever-changing times. The resources that the Foresight team brings to each and every client is second to none in the industry”, added Chris.
Doug Gober, Partner, encouraged Chris to join Foresight. “From our very first renewed conversation, I immediately was reminded of my past positive connections with Chris. Through the years, we have crossed paths in this business all over the world. Chris adds a dimension of experience and technique to Foresight that is very difficult to duplicate in the funeral and cemetery realm.” Doug commented. “I could not be more excited for the opportunity to work with the very best professionals in the industry. I look forward to being a part of the growth Foresight has been experiencing and expanding the ways we will continue to serve our clients.” added Chris.
Foresight is one of the preeminent consulting firms providing a holistic set of services to help funeral and cemetery owners build their wealth, transfer wealth and protect their wealth with the use of accounting, valuation, human resources, pricing, merchandising, marketing and more. “Just as funeral directors are concerned about hiring the right people to help them plan for the future, so are we. Our clients trust us. We need to provide for the long-term care of that trust. With Chris, Jeff Harbeson and the other Foresight directors, we have created the continuity of a Dream Team, with that intent in mind”, concluded Isard.
The Foresight Companies, LLC is in Phoenix, AZ, with offices in Louisiana and Oklahoma. The Foresight Companies, LLC is the premier provider of integrated financial and management consulting services including valuations, accounting, family transition, strategic planning, merger, acquisition, and financing. Foresight has provided consulting services for over four decades to more than 3,000 funeral homes and 800 cemeteries throughout North America. For interview requests of Dan, Doug or Chris please contact Catherine Belliveau at 602-274-6464.

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