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The Foresight Companies Announces New Elevated Funding Platform for the Funeral and Cemetery Profession

Dan Isard Dan Isard

Best in Class “Foresight Funding” harnesses the power of competitive bidding

Phoenix, AZ— September 19, 2019 — The Foresight Companies has elevated funeral service lending to a new level by gaining exclusive access to a national financing platform that will match our client’s needs with hundreds of lenders.

Dan Isard, Managing Partner of The Foresight Companies, LLC., one of the foremost consulting companies serving the funeral and cemetery professions announced today, “The Foresight Companies has revolutionized lending for deathcare. In the next decade, well in excess of $5 billion of funeral and cemetery ownership will changes hands. This is going to affect the stewardship of thousands of owner families. This potentially secures the employment of a significant number of full and part time people, licensed and unlicensed.” Isard said that The Foresight Companies have developed a process for private individuals to secure the financing to facilitate these business transfers.

“We have combined efforts with a group of financiers who have developed the technology to obtain competitive offers from banks and non-bank lenders to fund these transactions,” said Isard. “Foresight Funding is the first of its kind to allow funeral homes and cemeteries to put their capital needs in front of multiple banks for competitive bids.”

Commercial loans have many variables that make it difficult to allow for a competitive bid process. It is often confusing to determine if conventional lending, cash flow lending, mortgages or SBA driven loans should be used. Isard added, “Today, we can host a loan and have multiple proposals back within days rather than a month. Lenders know that by using our portal, their proposals are being presented confidentially while allowing the borrower to explore all the options. Ultimately this is how the borrower wins.”

Doug Gober, a partner at The Foresight Companies and recognized as a leading authority in deathcare lending, said about the new platform, “Having helped create the first exclusive funeral home financing platform, my experience in deathcare financing has given me a unique perspective of securing the funds necessary to complete transactions. I have been involved in the sourcing of hundreds of millions of dollars for deathcare transactions. This experience gives me the confidence to know that we are uniquely positioned to provide funeral and cemetery professionals their best possible lending options. Funeral home and cemetery buyers now have access to literally hundreds of lenders, and we do all the preparation for our clients. Whether the money is used for acquisition, expansion, a new crematory, or a succession plan, Foresight Funding is the best avenue for your business capital needs.”

The Foresight Companies, LLC is the premier provider of integrated financial management consulting services including valuations, accounting, family transition, strategic planning, mergers, acquisitions, human resources management and financing. Foresight has provided consulting service for over four decades to more that 3,000 funeral homes and 800 cemeteries throughout North America. For more information about Foresight Funding, please contact Doug Gober at or call 602-274-6464.

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