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The Foresight Companies Announces Chris Cruger as New Partner

Dan Isard Dan Isard

Dan Isard and Doug Gober bring long time industry expert as their new partner

“We are very happy to announce we have initiated our long term plan to be able to provide the highest care to our clients for the next generation by having Chris Cruger become our partner effective January 1, 2020”, Dan Isard the founder and managing partner of The Foresight Companies recently announced.  “There is no one I have met with the experience, drive and ethics that Chris has.  Chris has improved all of our operational and transactional services. Over the past year he has demonstrated his passion and ability to help our clients,” Isard added.

Doug Gober stated, “As we considered expanding and continuing the reach of The Foresight Companies’ offer, we encountered a person with the perfect set of skills to accomplish our growth objectives. A professional is an individual who has adopted a systematic, organized, codified body of knowledge and combined it with experience and technique. Chris Cruger is a true professional. I am proud to call he, and Dan Isard, my partners. “

“I am honored to have the opportunity to be a partner with Dan and Doug as well as to collaborate with some of the most talented people in the industry”, said Chris Cruger. “Foresight’s continued growth speaks volumes about the constant needs of our industry. The resources that the we bring to each and every client is second to none in the industry. It is our goal to always be best-in-class. I look forward to continuing to provide the highest level of service to our clients and the industry in general. Our industry is facing some challenging times, but with these challenges comes some exciting opportunities.” added Chris.

Chris Cruger has spent more than 25 years working in and around funeral homes.  Prior to his joining Foresight, Chris provided independent consulting to companies in the funeral and cemetery professions worldwide.  Chris started in this business at SCI where he eventually became Vice President of Business Development, overseeing Corporate Development, Real Estate, Construction and areas of Operations.   Chris can be reached at his office in Phoenix, AZ 602-274-6464 or

Foresight is a consulting company that has been a leader in this profession in the areas of accounting, valuation, mergers, acquisition, financing, operations and human relations for five decades.

Dan Isard added, “Doug and I now have two missions.  First is to continue to serve clients and grow this business.  Second, is to transfer our personal goodwill which we have each garnered over our lifetimes in this profession to Chris.  Isard reflected, “Nothing is more heartfelt than to know a business you created will thrive long after you retire.  Doug and I are confident, that with Chris at the helm and our clients’ support, this will happen.”

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