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Valuations, Mergers & Acquisitions for Funeral Homes and Cemetery

Funeral Home and Cemetery Valuations, Mergers, and Acquisitions

Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions for a funeral home or cemetery requires a complex combination of skills. Foresight has handled more than 500 business transfers between every type of buyer and seller, including family members, key employees, regional and national acquirers, and new business owners. We will be there every step of the way to help you protect your accomplishments, both past and future. Armed with accurate information of the valuation and the experience of The Foresight Companies as funeral home consultants in Valuations, Mergers & Acquisition transactions, our clients benefit with us on their side of the table because our interests are aligned with those we represent.

You have worked hard to build your funeral home or cemetery and your reputation within the community. It is important that your accomplishments be protected during any kind of business transfer. Foresight’s focus is to maximize your “quality of life after transfer”. We are sensitive to the individual needs of each business owner we serve and will ensure that the timing and nature of the transfer are appropriate.

As trusted funeral and cemetery consultants we know what needs to be done to facilitate a successful business transfer:

  • Appraise the business and determine sale-ability.
  • Determine if the value could be increased by making operating changes prior to placing the business on the market, or whether to proceed immediately to sale.
  • Perform a tax analysis.
  • Consideration of tax strategies or identifying need for tax deferral methods helps determine the most viable type of buyers.
  • Solicit buyers.
  • Using a carefully prepared prospectus and Non-Disclosure Agreement, we offer a Letter of Intent (LOI) to only the most qualified potential buyers.
  • Close quickly!

After establishing final due-diligence points, Foresight staff coordinates the transaction, working closely with your attorney, accountant, the buyer and the lender to ensure closing occurs as promptly as possible! Let’s have a discussion about the future of your life and business; give us a call or Contact us.



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