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Your case count is solid, so your business is successful, right? Not necessarily so!

Foresight’s experience teaches us that we need to look deeper and more broadly at a business’s operations and financials to truly understand the full scope of its performance, bottom line, and the potential for continuing success in an ever-changing consumer environment.

Foresight has created a “re-engineering plan” that goes beyond the typical business assessment. Our program will show you how well you are REALLY doing! We run tests of current key indicators as we can compare the business against itself, other regional firms and national averages and trends. Upon presentation of our analyses, you will be able to implement immediate change for improvement, or we can provide a structured plan for gradual implementation. The choice is yours.

This full-scope assesment includes:

  • A complete valuation of your business
  • A review of your current chart of accounts including an analysis of your revenue, expenses, and bottom-line results
  • An explanation of your financial statements so that you can more easily determine just how well your business is doing
  • A computation of your true overhead
  • A pricing strategy for your firm to use in adjusting your General Price List. We will “shop your competition” so that you can
  • accurately compare yourself to them
  • A review of your current merchandising including caskets, vaults, and urns
  • A review of your purchasing program with your casket supplier(s) and other vendors
  • A review of your accounts receivable and receivables collection policy
  • A review of your tax accounting and future capital projects with a review of current and future tax issues
  • An analysis of your current Preneed program and creation of a Preneed paradigm
  • An analysis of your marketing and outreach programs
  • An evaluation of your technology utilization and recommendations for internet resources that can improve your business

“Foresight will pour over your finances and help you produce more dollars”

This full-scope assesment includes:

Whether you decide to implement the re-engineering plan in full or in part, Foresight will support you in whatever way you choose. All of our recommendations are commemorated in writing so you may revisit your options at any time. You may choose to implement changes now or later, on your own, or by retaining Foresight as your advisor to guide implementation of the plan.

oresight can help you identify the right financing tools and negotiate favorable terms. Please contact us by calling (800) 426-0165, or email to

Just wanted to say thanks for your help with knowing what to charge for my vehicles. You have a very sensible and practical approach to those sorts of things and I really appreciate your time. I look forward to meeting you one day and discussing other ups and downs to owning a funeral home. We are now in our fourth year of operating and we had 230 calls (last year) which represent nearly 25% of the Tyler market. Thanks again!

Chris Stewart President, Steward Family Funeral Home

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