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Funeral Home Accounts Receivables Management

Funeral Home Accounts Receivable Management

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. With over $330 million of accounts receivable in the funeral business alone, many funeral homes struggle with getting paid in a timely manner. Implementation of payment policies and processes that work is key managing A/R. The Foresight Companies offer funeral home owners solutions that start in the arrangement room and end at the bottom line of their Profit & Loss statement. Training and management produce measurable results for immediate impact for positive cash flow. The funeral is not over until the bill is paid.

Our A/R management program offers:

  • Analysis of existing payment policy.
  • Analysis of current accounts receivables.
  • Customized payment policy and training of staff.
  • Onsite or digital training for staff.
  • Continued measurement and management of A/R after completion of training.

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