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Did you know?

  • About 25% of all funeral homes and 40% of all cemeteries do not have a web site!
  • Almost 40% of all funeral home web sites are out of the box solutions given to them by a casket company!
  • Nearly 90% of all funeral home and cemetery web sites are more than 5 years old!


The simplicity is this: A good web site;

  • Enhances your service to a family for at need services.
  • Creates preneed sales and other business income equal to or greater than the cost of the site in the first year.
  • Educates consumers.
  • Demonstrates your quality brand.


So, what do we do?

  • We design and build custom web sites with our partner, Memorial Web Hosting, Inc.
  • We provide customized content that sets your site apart from others.
  • We monitor your site to see how people are using it to keep it running at its maximum capacity.


We offer Social Media service:

  • We essentially write and post material as needed to insure your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ accounts are being followed.
  • We look at Social Media, such as Facebook, as an In-Bound way of creating traffic to your web site; FB works both In-Bound and Out-Bound.
  • We can increase traffic to your site by posting interesting articles and videos. Clients that are proactive on their Social Media get about 40% of their total traffic via FB and now Google+.


We also offer Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”):

  • SEO is the way to climb to the top of the list of the search engines.
  • We monitor traffic sources and adjust keywords to your specific location and industry.

Start with a phone call and let us walk you through your site to see what we can do for you!

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