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Funeral Home and Cemetery Accounting

Funeral Home and Cemetery Accounting

From the company that invented Financial and Management consulting for funeral service industry, comes REAL TIME funeral home accounting.

Funeral home accounting is simple. Your accountant organizes data so you can file a tax return. That is missing the point! You need data organized in real time, so it can be analyzed throughout the year. You need an accountant that can guarantee you will have a profit. Your accountant should be your advisor. They should know your business and explain the numbers. We have been doing this for 30 years and now we are doing the funeral home accounting as well.

No one knows the funeral service business better than we do. As funeral home consultants, our track record demonstrates we convert data into solutions. We give you the best tax planning and business analysis you can get anywhere. We have established our accounting services to be flexible to meet your individual needs. Some funeral home owners want a complete accounting package including monthly, quarterly and annual tax filings for their firm and its shareholders. Others may want us to prepare their financial results and allow the local accountant to prepare the tax forms. We can do as much or as little as the client desires.

The Foresight Companies, LLC can help you manage your bookkeeping and accounting processes in REAL TIME so that you can focus on the business of serving your community.

There are two keys to the Foresight difference.

  • First, we do not produce your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statements for the sole purpose of tax preparation. We produce this information to ensure your operations are on target to produce the profit you desire.
  • Second, is our speed of service. We don’t wait for the month to end; we work on your account throughout the month. We make certain your entries into your book keeping software match that of your management software and reconcile that with your bank statements. The Foresight Companies funeral consulting provides clients not only accounting, but analysis of their data to improve the value of their funeral home or cemetery.


The average funeral home has a 7% profit margin.

The average Foresight client has a 32% profit margin!

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