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Funeral Home and Cemetery Customer Surveys

Funeral Home and Cemetery Customer Survey

The Power of the Customer Survey: What You Don’t Know Can Kill Your Business!

With the advent of the modern virtual world, one of the business tools that we find to be most powerful is the customer survey. Over the past 20 years, we have surveyed many funeral homes’ clientele and, occasionally even their competition. We believe our electronic customer survey will provide more powerful data than any survey you are currently using.

Why should I survey my funeral families?

There are many reasons to survey your funeral families but the biggest is that you really need to know their thoughts about your funeral home and the services you have provided. The key questions about the services provided have to be asked in the right way and you need to see their answers in a logical fashion. Our survey does this and more. By surveying electronically, we get increased participation and a more timely response. If there is a problem, you will know about it more than a week sooner than if you were receiving the same results via paper survey.


How is the Foresight Companies funeral home survey different?

We do 7 things differently.


  • We use our exclusive Funeral Service Logic which allows people to answer the questions that pertain only to their particular service. The result is a survey customized to the particulars of each unique funeral experience.
  • Correlative Theory Analysis is the ultimate measure of our surveys. We weigh your surveys based upon different components of common use such as price paid, preneed versus at-need, and casketed versus non-casketed services. No one else does that! This allows you to see all results but also allows the opinion of those who spend the most for their services to influence you the most.
  • Our staff analyzes the results in a cumulative and individual basis, with a year to year comparison which helps spot trends. Most funeral homes receive surveys back one at a time and don’t do the cumulative analysis or historical comparison.
  • By soliciting the family for the survey using our method, we receive a higher response rate. In addition, we ask all participants of the arrangement conference instead of a single respondent. After all, you want to know the opinions of the next generation so you don’t lose the right to serve within that family again.
  • By using an electronic survey we can ask “A-B” questions. If someone answers a question in one fashion, we are ready with a follow-up panel of questions. This allows for Three Dimensional Comments.
  • Your quarterly and annual assessment of the results with our staff and modeling allows you to understand your families and communities and predicts where your business is going in the future.
  • This is a legitimate survey. It is not intended to have you feel good about the replies nor is it intended to be a preneed sales tool. We want you to develop a relationship with your families based upon honesty and trust.

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