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Introducing The Foresight Forecast Blog & Information Site

Jeff Harbeson Jeff Harbeson

We are passionate about the funeral and cemetery business. The Foresight Companies understand the profession is as unique as the people that dedicate their lives to serving those that have lost a loved one. The Foresight Forecast is created to provide information to professionals and elevate their knowledge of business as well as financial matters of the industries at one convenient site.
We acknowledge and understand the pace of our business. Often serving professionals have little time to keep informed much less absorb the flood of nuances for financial success. The Foresight Forecast provides something for everyone. Our menu includes:

  1. A weekly post with relevant information in a short but penetrating format. Providing our readers with content to help them improve financial health of business with tips to be immediately implemented.
  2. “The more you know, the smarter you are” bi weekly video post will offer viewers a five to seven-minute segment. Various topics from accounting to human resources, cremation pricing to EBITDA will be presented. By sharing why are clients are smarter, you’ll consider how The Foresight Companies can improve your business IQ.
  3.  Once a month, The Foresight Forecast will produce a free seminar for our viewers. Due to the nature of our business, attending seminars is costly and time consuming. If you know anything about The Foresight Companies, when we put together a seminar, the attendees always benefit. Formatted for your schedule, these valuable sessions are designed for your convenience and to enhance the financial posture of your business.

Even better news? As a boutique business and financial consulting firm, The Foresight Companies has seasoned experts from different areas of expertise. Lead by the “Wicked Smart” Dan Isard, President along with Stephanie Ramsey, HR expert, Mandy Rhode, CPA/Director of Accounting, and Jeff Harbeson, the Funeral Commander, the Foresight Forecast team offers a wealth of industry knowledge.
Look for The Foresight Forecast…because everyone needs an edge.

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