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Good News! Stimulus Money Received

Nina Renee Nina Renee

Despite having been told that all of the funds from the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) funding has been depleted, one our clients was thrilled to find $7,000 had been deposited into his bank account this morning.  The funds were received as part of the option to receive up to $10,000 when applying for the EIDL. The EIDL application was submitted on March 30th and no other communication had been received prior to today. – The message – If you’ve previously submitted for the EIDL, there’s still hope!

We have heard that there is more stimulus money coming and we are optimistic that additional funding will be made available soon. Although the SBA is not currently accepting EIDL applications, all indications suggest that the program will open up again once additional stimulus funds are approved by congress.

There is hope on the horizon! 

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