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Daniel Isard’s Preneed Book

“I do not know what I would have done without Daniel Isard’s books which I purchased when opening our new funeral home two years ago. His recommendations, insight and experience are invaluable to me as a co-owner of the new funeral home. He is multiplying himself over and over every time he writes a book, publishes a newsletter or mentors all of us who desperately need just some of his knowledge! I wish I could memorize every word Daniel Isard writes. I hope to be able to afford to purchase this newsletter in the coming months. Thanks so much

Brenda Hughes Allcock,
Hughes Funeral Home

The Complete Preneed Perspective

This book is the most thorough work chronicling all dynamics of the preneed industry. Dan Isard has developed the most complete book on this subject, dissecting every concept from the historical beginnings of preneed to each aspect of its modern day operations. This is a “how to” and “why to” do or don’t do guide dealing with the marketing, servicing and funding of prearranged funeral and cemetery contracts.

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