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Daniel Isard’s Cremation Book

“I do not know what I would have done without Dan Isard’s books which I purchased when opening our new funeral home two years ago. His recommendations, insight and experience are invaluable to me as a co-owner of the new funeral home. He is multiplying himself over and over every time he writes a book, publishes a newsletter or mentors all of us who desperately need just some of his knowledge! I wish I could memorize every word he writes. I hope to be able to afford to purchase this newsletter in the coming months. Thanks so much

Brenda Hughes Allcock,
Hughes Funeral Home

What Every Funeral Director and Cemeterian Should Know About Cremation

Many funeral directors and cemeterians have been in the business of cremation for years and they continue to make the same errors year in and year out. This book will give them direction on each dynamic of their business to make it more profitable and less prone to liability.

Dan’s latest book offers 250 pages focusing on the history of cremation, North American professional and consumer attitudes on cremation as well as the errors many make in arrangements for cremation families. You will learn about the business side of the cremation business, including establishing prices for services, valuating business overhead, establishing package pricing and how to compete effectively. It covers the costs of creating a crematory and how to decide if the time is right to buy one yourself. This book helps you have the courage to take the actions you need to take in today’s world by looking at various research projects dealing with attitudes of death and cremation. Whether you own your own crematory or use a crematory vendor, this book will help you run your business better. And, most importantly, this book will help you learn where the liability pitfalls exist and how to work with your lawyer to protect yourself for the future.

Not to be missed…

“Those Nasty Little Overlooked Questions” — page 183
“Cremation Nightmares” — page 194
“Be Ready to be Questioned Because of the Acts of Others” — page 244

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