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Dan Isard

By: Dan Isard

A Modest Proposal

the evolution of our profession

Over the course of the past three decades I have written hundreds of articles for this profession. This will be the one most subject to ridicule and disdain from this profession. I will tell you that reading this article is going to upset many of you. I am not going to apologize for this modest proposal. Like most change, you may not like it, but let me be the first to raise this concept.

In case you were not an English literature major, the title of this article was intentionally chosen. In 1729 Jonathan Swift, the author of “Gulliver’s Travels,” wrote a satirical essay of the same name I have chosen. It was during the time of the Irish potato famine. Swift’s modest proposal was that the Irish eat their children. While the concept is abhorrent, it was dark humor. I am not proposing funeral directors eat their young, but I am going to present a most shocking proposal that could be utilized in marketing cremation services. While Swift used his proposal to benefit sarcasm, I am using mine to promote capitalism.

I want the reader to know that I understand the personal calling of an individual to want to be a funeral director, and …
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